Sunday, July 8, 2012

happy 4th of july

the night before the 4th of july, ammon and i went and walked up and down university avenue to see all the different "camp sites" people were saving for the parade. we saw a giant trampoline, a few projected movie theaters, nintendo hook-ups, and lots of interesting people including a couple random guys on giant stilts. oh! and who can forget the decked-out bicycle gang riding with their giant boom box back an forth.
after walking around and visiting with a few family members, we went and enjoyed a nice nights rest in our comfy bed. i commend those who actually slept out on the street that night. or those who didn't get any sleep at all! 

the next morning we woke up early and walked to where some of ammon's family was saving a spot for the parade. unfortunately we were sitting on the west side, which meant no shade and direct sunlight the WHOLE TIME. it was so incredibly hot. 

luckily there were a few newspapers lying around and ammon's aunt made a hat out of newspaper that ammon was able to use to block the sun. i used my paper fan the whole time:

here's the whole group. they were all troopers during the whole perade. i eventually wimped out and stood under a tree the rest of the time.

all in all, it was a very fun event and i was able to get a few good pictures of some of the exciting floats. all i know is next year... i plan on sitting on the east side.

that night, ammon and i went into work early at brick oven to prepare for what would hopefully be a busy night. well, we were in luck! this year was even busier than last year which meant there were less servers than what we probably should have had. but hey! it also meant that i took on more tables and both ammon and i walked home with almost enough money to pay for half of next month's rent. not bad, eh?  we slept well that night and didn't like having to get up early for school again the next morning.

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  1. I'm commenting on all ya'll blog posts. I love them.
    I'm so glad we're friends.


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