Saturday, June 30, 2012

happy 2 months

ammon and i have now officially been married for a little over 2 months. to commemorate this slightly epic event, i left a few decorations around the apartment for ammon to come home to. the decorations included a few streamers, balloons, and this beauty:

as you can see, someone got really lazy when it came to coloring the dinosaur.
how come when we were kids, it seemed much easier?

ammon came home from work and really enjoyed the decorations. funny thing about the decorations... ammon didn't notice them all at once.
initially he noticed the poster. that's good.
10 minutes later... the balloons. (i think he stepped on one...)
the next morning: "oh and you put streamers up! when did you do that?"
this put a smile on my face. :)

these past 2 months have been a blast! here are some highlights:

classic skating!

this was my first time in YEARS! i survived. barely. only one fall and i even attempted going  backwards.

my favorite was watching ammon! he had better moves than i did.

after classic skating, we went and got pizza in provo. while waiting for it to get done we went on a walk and took some pictures. anybody know where this is?

 the following picture is of me holding my finally finished quarter collection! when i found it, alaska was the only one missing. (i guess i put my collection in storage that long ago.) in case of an emergency, i officially have twelve dollars and fifty cents! that's enough to buy a large pizza at pizza hut! oh thank goodness.

probably the most embarassing highight from the past 2 months is re-living our childhood days with computer games. my favorite: rollercoaster tycoon. his favorite: age of empires. 
we are pleased to announce that a good amount of theme parks and empires have succesfully been made under our care.

 the following highlight is about ammon's brother. who happens to be a genius. so i'm pretty excited that this highlight also includes me. after a good game of blokus with ammon, nephi and i decided to see if we could succesfully place all the pieces on the board using 90 degree symmetry. for you math nerds, you know what that means. (did i mention i'm a math nerd?) needless to say, we were pretty excited when we did it:

 al'right. last but not least! we got a beta! his name is minion and he is the best fish either of us has ever had. he is the most curious thing. any time you place something by his bowl, he swims up to see what it is. if it scares him, he swims away like a scared dog. if he feels threatened, but brave, he will puff his little angry face at you!
and yes... there is a dinosaur in his bowl

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  1. I am so thankful you found your soul mate. The love you have for each other is gentle and spirited. I know that sounds like opposites. You are a good fit and I pray that as the years go by you will continue to be so. Love you both.


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