Saturday, July 14, 2012

5 things

i was browsing through some blog ideas the other day and i came across some questions i thought would be fun to answer. my husband, Ammon and i had fun answering them and had a few good laughs. we may have come up with a few answers we can't post on a blog for everyone to see--wink wink. feel free to reply with your answers too!

5 activities that you enjoy doing:
crafty things--- but only one project at a time! 
taking a test when i know all the answers
running in perfect weather
teaching people! from the little things at work, to the students i substitute teach.
games. especially when i'm winning :)

being with people i love
jamming with my bros
eating good food

5 things that you would like to learn:
how to tie a cherry stem in a knot with my mouth! 
riding a wave board! i've tried so many times, and still can't do it!
graphic design
ice skating backwards

the piano
auto mechanics
deeper understanding of music theory
what really happened to the dinosaurs...

5 silly things that you would like to do but you never had courage to do them:
use a urinal haha
sleep in a roundabout
cut my hair really short
pay for someone's groceries behind me
talk to someone famous

sing karaoke
dance at a dance party

   that's it...

5 places that you enjoy visiting:
lake powell
my bed
the temple 
my imagiNATION

the canyon
the beach
my family's house
the park

5 situations when you felt proud of yourself:
taking the accuplacer test at UVU and getting a low score (one that wasn't high enough to get into the 1050 class) then studying my bum off for 2 weeks, taking it again, and getting a score high enough to place in the classes 2 levels above the 1050 class. 
my wedding day
removing the last acrylic nail from my finger after 2 months of wearing them
a guest i served at brick oven wrote a letter thanking me for my exceptional service in detail and sent it to the main office--- my manager said it was the biggest compliment a server has received from brick oven in a long time and i  received a free dinner!
4.0 last semester 

playing with my band and opening for Mae
my wedding day
getting good grades
when i saved a kid's life at seven peaks
getting the Melchizedek priesthood

5 things you enjoyed eating when you were a child:
squished up bread
my parent's hidden snacks
peanut butter spoon
smiley fruit snacks from wal-mart

pizza... still do
tapioca pudding
milk and cereal with cream on it
string cheese
happy meals-but my mom never got me them because they're a rip off

Ammon opening for Mae
Ammon and Neephs on our wedding day

One of my favorite wedding pictures!

St. George Temple

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