Tuesday, July 17, 2012

recent happenings

Last week was a good week. My birthday is coming up and you know what that means! A free trip to Tucanos! I think I look forward to that more than my actual birthday. haha. Ammon and I very much enjoyed the food and they even sang to me this year! Now I know why people at Brick Oven ask not to be sung to. It was definitely more enjoyable when I was a kid. :) After Tucanos, we managed to save just enough room for Blickenstaff's! If you are wondering what on earth Blickenstaff's is click here. Or take a gander next time you're visiting the Riverwoods. I could spend hours in that store! 
After getting distracted for quite a few minutes by all the cool toys, we picked out our favorite candies, weighed them, and tucked them safely into my purse. Then we were off to see Brave at the Wynnsong theater. (Only $5 on tuesdays!) What a great date! 

Thursday night, Ammon, Nephi, and I we went to Farr's where we loaded our cups with ice cream, frozen  yogurt, and gilato! Have I ever mentioned how much I love Farr's? I love Farr's so much! It is my guilty pleasure, my one true love, my other half, my soul's delight, and my most used stamp card. Oh if only it weren't so bad for me. :( Afterwards we went back to mine and ammon's place and played some games. Nephi dominated us once again at Boggle. One day i will beat him!

Saturday morning, Ammon and I went to the Provo Temple to find out it was closed again. You know you're in Utah when this is not a big deal. Just drive 20 minutes north and bingo! Another temple. The Mount Timpanogos temple was super crowded for this reason, but so worth the wait! Afterwards we were starving so we decided to get food at the temple and it was amazing! I definitely think we will be doing that again. :)

Sunday was an especially great day. I got to see my youngest brother, Daniel receive the Aaronic priesthood, eat delicious food, and spend time with my super duper cute cousins! It was also really good catching up with my aunties and my grandma. My grandma is hilarious and I love her so much!

Sunday was also a great day because I copied the pictures from my mom's camera that I've been dying to post. Every year, my dad goes out and buys a bunch of our favorite fireworks: tanks, sparklers, poppers, parachute launchers, flowers, crackle balls, and now that they're legal: aerials!! Last year the weather was terrible! Pouring rain and wind the whole time. This year was perfect weather and the most fun I've had with fireworks my whole life. Here are just some of the pictures:

Avada Kadabra!

Mosiah throwing poppers

My dad- the pyromaniac :)

Daddy-Son hug

My super duper cute cousins!!

Yes, that is my dad holding a giant firework
Now you know it's safe. :)

The huddle before the scurry

Night-time mode makes super cool sparkler pictures

This one is my favorite

We should have spelled something

Thanks dad for another great round of fireworks! Can't wait for next year!


  1. Nice! Linked it to my Facebook wall.

  2. You have so much fun with life! Your kids are going to love you a lot. I hope I get to know them. Love to you and Ammon and your invisible cat named Angel. Oh, you didn't know you had one. Yes, I gave him to you as a very special present. He watches your every move! Take care of yourselves. You are my fireworks, Leah!


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