Saturday, July 21, 2012


I finally did the one thing I've been dying to do all summer! Ammon probably heard me mention wanting to do this at least once a week, and I finally did it! 

... I got a snow cone... 

Yay! And it wasn't just any snow cone. It was a "Hokulia Shave Ice" snow cone. And yes, it was as good as everyone said it was. Usually the line is super duper long, but we were lucky when we got there because there wasn't a line at all! I got a half PAG and half Bahama Mama snow cone with ice cream. My favorite thing about their snow cones (besides tasting delicious) is that they come in flower shaped cups and the tables have holes in it so you can stick your snow cone in. Ammon and I probably said the word genius at least a couple times that night. 

And this is just what the small looks like

Also, here are some bowling pictures. Make sure to linger as long as you'd like when looking at the final score. :)

And super cool moment of the day: today I served John Grisham's second cousin! He was super nice and tipped very well. I am liking this Grisham family very much.

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