Sunday, July 29, 2012


She may not look it, but this girl is officially 22!

22 things I'm grateful for:

1. the hilarious and cute things that kids say and do
2. freedom of religion
3. disney movies
4. friendships that stay strong even after being far apart
5. the opportunity to stand back up every time i fall
6. indoor plumbing
7. teaching opportunities
8. anti-frizz products
9.  honesty
10. ice cold refreshing water after a long run
11. no-show socks
12. a husband who never goes a day without saying "i love you"
13. priesthood blessings
14. unforgettable memories
15. spontaneous compliments
16. neon colors
17. waterproof mascara
18. a perfectly placed cloud on an especially warm day
19. the gospel!
20. authors who weren't afraid to share their writing talents
21. people who never gave up on me even when i wanted to give up on myself
22. sunsets like this:

Thank you Heavenly Father for sending me a sunset on my birthday! 


  1. Happy late birthday! and I absolutely love your shoes. Just saying.

  2. You are as awesome as a beautiful sunset! God didn't make no trash. Love forever and always.


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