Thursday, November 1, 2012

it is about time

It is about time I have a moment to write in this blog. 
I was getting a bad case of blogger withdrawal syndrome.  
Blogging is seriously therapeutic for me. 

Here is a little bit on the past 3 weeks:
top left and right: as you can see, i love pumpkins. i made pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin seeds. 
the pie and bread were amazing! the seeds... not so much. {i put way too much seasoning}
bottom right: ammon's mom sent us those! they are made from toilet paper rolls. instructions here

left: my nemo pumpkin! right: ammon's pumpkin is eating a potato

Yesterday was a great Halloween! Ammon and I had to work that night but it wasn't too bad because it was only for a few hours and we got to show off our costumes. 

ammon made this costume! he made it out of "for sale" signs and a bed sheet. inspiration here

it is a little creepy how much i look like her...

Here's us together:
check it

sandra dee and a nerd. 

one day we'll look grown up... :)

all the bussers and our manager singing "i'm too sexy..."
 i'm pretty sure absolutely sure i never want to see the things that happened during this song ever again. haha!

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