Sunday, November 25, 2012

thanksgiving break

My Thanksgiving Break was

Pre-Thanksgiving festivities
 riding the bus as always

 the dentist for me...blah...

snagging disney classics from D.I. and watching all of them in just a few days

Thanksgiving Day: Provo
ammon and me holding our Brick Oven pumpkin pie 

 playing with the kids at ammon's grandma's

Thanksgiving Evening: Riverton

oh just my super cute cousin amber.

 here's us with mosiah

 and mary

 oh just swinging on a swing. in a room!!
i want one.

playing with dinosaurs. watch the movie here

my uncle's sister visited and of course we all wanted to hold her beautiful 2 week old baby boy!

i got a little very baby hungry.

The thanksgiving break was also great because I was able to set up all the Christmas decorations. 
Ammon helped with the tree and lights.
We've got:
 christmas lights outside the apartment that scream: "we are so excited for christmas!"

our first christmas tree!


a christmas event calendar

and a dishcloth to boot

My mom-in-law is the greatest. I owe all our decorations to her.
The only thing we had to go out and get was the tree.

I am so excited for CHRISTMAS!!


  1. So. Much. Fun!!!
    Haha it looks like you had a blast among blasts over thanksgiving break! Yay for christmas decorations! yay for baby hungriness! Yay for an exclamationatory (yes, new word) of exclamation points!

  2. OH YAY YAY :D I love You Leah!! So great to see you and Ammon! You both are wonderful!!! :D
    Amber :D

  3. Leah!!! Glad you had an awesome Thanksgiving! I always stock you blog! Wo ai ni!

  4. Leah i love this! So glad you had fun! You two are so great!

  5. Leah i love this! So glad you had fun! You two are so great!

  6. Yay Leah! :D You two are so cute.


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