Friday, November 30, 2012

sense of self

Oh hey. 

Just listening to Christmas music over here using Pandora. 
{a lil o' bit of T swift, josh groban, david archuleta, trans siberian orchestra, glee cast, and charlie brown?}
I think Pandora is getting confused from all the thumbs up and thumbs down I've been doing.

       Christmas music
plus Watching Ammon and Nephi play chess.
plus Counting down the days until the end of the semester.
plus Getting really excited to make crafts with all my upcoming free time.
plus A lot of insightful thoughts running through my head.
EQUALS the perfect time to blog

Earlier today was one of those moments where I felt so incredibly helpless. It was a momentary feeling, but it was a little scary. It's during moments like that where I realize the standing of my testimony. What do I know to be true and what am I still unsure about?

Here's what I know to be true:
-There were 2 plans up in Heaven before I came here.
-Satan's plan left no room for agency; a road with no rocks or cracks to trip over.
-Christ's plan not only has rocks and cracks to fall on, but mountains to climb and canyons that seem impossible to cross.
-Without those mountains and canyons, I wouldn't learn a thing. My life on earth would be pointless.
-People who get back up every time they fall are the coolest people I know. They have become something rather than just existing.
-And that's why I'm grateful for trials; they help me actually become something.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to hear from Kevin Kling.
He was born with a birth defect on one arm and then later completely lost the use of his other arm in a motorcycle accident. Do you think I was listening closely when he gave advice? Oh yeah.
He said the following quote:

And I think he's absolutely right.


  1. First off: Help me have cute blog like yours...please?
    Second: Wasn't he awesome? I love that quote (How you make it so cute? Teach me your ways.) I think that he had an incredible outlook on life.

    1. Each of us has our own set of trials to go through. As brothers and sisters we can share them with each other and learn from them. The more I find out about our ancestors the more I feel the connection. Our lives are so short on this earth. At age 64 looking back on my life - I say a do-over would be great. Be open to all the love you can get. Judge not lest ye be judged and don't judge yourself so harshly. You are awesome!


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