Saturday, January 10, 2015

christmas break with ammon's family

After a week in Park City, Ammon's family came and stayed in Provo for another week. It was a very fun week which made it a very hard day when they had to leave. I cried after they left. I blame the hormones, but I also blame the love that Ammon's family has for each other. I have always felt right at home with them and I wish they lived closer all the time. 

Baptisms for the Dead at the Provo Temple

Buying crickets for my white elephants gift

I was too afraid to touch them. So Ammon and Caleb helped me transfer them.

My white elephant gift
White elephant gift that Emmalee got!

Ammon's new favorite toy he found at D.I. for only 6 dollars!

Making gingerbread houses with nasty cotton candy frosting. But it got the job done!

Mine and Ammon's theme park


Ammon and I were terrible. I blame the pregnancy and Ammon blames the Couvade Syndrome (sympathy pregnancy)

Nickel City with Ammon's family and my siblings. 

The classic shark game. I won the jackpot twice! 

An intense game of pacman
Fruit ninja

Decked out house in Northern Provo

Christmas Eve morning. It was icy and cold.

Our hero-the ice scraper

A gift from Evelyn. We celebrated Christmas a day early with Ammon's family.

Ammon lost his wedding tie, so I bought him another one.

Maternity pants!! 

My gift to Evelyn
The rest of the day was spent relaxing, eating delicious food at Cracker Barrel, going to the Rec Center in Provo, and playing Scum over and over again. It was the perfect way to celebrate Christmas a day early. The rest of the pictures are of us playing in the snow. It was the last day Ammon's family was here. 

I just think he looks so good in his snow gear. 

A throne that Ammon's brothers made out of snow! 

Snow cave

Snow fort!

Snow octopus

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