Monday, August 12, 2013

girls and boys are different

Marriage is sometimes hard because boys and girls are different.

Here is a lil example of what I am talking about.

A couple weeks ago, I was searching for some materials to make a menu board at walmart. 
Although Ammon didn't really get the point of a menu board, he was still super supportive because he knew I really wanted one.
Well. We get to the craft section of walmart and I'm picking up different types of wooden boards trying to figure out which one to get. 
At one point, Ammon picks up a board that is already a chalk board.
Then he says, "What about this!? It's perfect!" 
But in my head I'm thinking, "No it's not. That's not what I'm looking for." I think Ammon could tell from my expression because then he said, "You're right. It's too small."
After this comment, I just nodded and smiled. Then, after several minutes I finally decided on a board.

Side note: The real reason it wasn't perfect is because it took the fun out of making a craft. 
Boys and girls are different. I was trying to find all the supplies I would need so I could enjoy making something. Ammon was trying to help me by finding the final product already made.

When I try and clean the house I start cleaning the dishes. Then I see the kitchen floor and start sweeping, even when I haven't finished the dishes. Then I need to vacuum. I'm all over the place. Ammon, however, is really good at doing a really good job one thing at a time.

I saw this video in my psychology class once. It is hilarious! The guy speaking is a little crazy. But what he says is so true!

Men's brains are filled with boxes that don't touch and women's brains are filled with wires connecting left and right. For the most part, I think he's onto something. 

Although girls and boys are different, there's a reason they are. (And I'm not going to go into detail here because that's for a whole different conversation). The point is that marriage works when you use your differences to your advantage instead of getting frustrated that your spouse doesn't think like you do. I am spontaneous, talk to strangers easily, and get distracted easily. Ammon is a really good planner, is more reserved and can concentrate easily when working on a task. He helps me remember things and get things done on time when I'm starting to get distracted, and I help him get out of his shell when it comes to church callings and other get-togethers. I like to do crafts and blog and Ammon likes to read and research things. He teaches me things he has learned and I teach him things I have learned. And when it comes to decision making, we express both of our opinion's and go from there.

Okay. One last thing I want to add is that even though men and women are different I would recommend finding a spouse that likes doing the big things with you. If you love hiking and camping and being outdoors but you marry someone that doesn't like doing those things and would rather always be indoors, then I think that would make your marriage more difficult than it needs to be. The most successful marriages I've seen are those where the husband and wife share a lot of the same passions and interests. And if they aren't interested in the same thing, then they at least learn more about it so that they can understand it more.

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  1. Loved the video of the man's comments. I thought he was right on. I wish I had given more effort to my marriage to Skip. I blamed him for everything. Not true of course. I love the way you are approaching your life together. Luv u.


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