Wednesday, March 20, 2013

perfect storm

This is what I want to do to my last post -----> last post
At least the part where I said I thought I could teach kindergartners.
Today I feel really disappointed in myself and embarrassed.
Sometimes I think I've got this whole teaching thing in the bag,
and some days I don't.

I tried teaching a lesson the students were not ready for. Oh and & I'm really hard on myself.
Which is the perfect storm for a bad morning when you're getting observed by your supervisor.

But it's nothing that a long run couldn't fix. That and Linkin Park.

But now that I'm sitting here, calves aching, skin salty, mind basking in norah jones' oh so soothing voice, i feel better. 


  1. Sorry for your tough day, that's the worst! Glad you feel better now. I have no doubt you are an excellent teacher. I would want you to teach my (nonexistent) kids ;)

  2. don't worry -- we all have those days as teachers! promise.

  3. Just remember that you are still learning. You are a great teacher! Oh and running cures msny emotional, bad days. Love you!

  4. The first time I taught a lesson to Kindergarteners, my teacher afterwards told me it was probably a lesson best suited to 6th graders. Oops! You'll figure it out.

  5. Oh, and I cried more than a few times after teaching the first few weeks.


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