Thursday, December 27, 2012

vacation at last part 2

After living the dream and spending a couple days at Northstar ski resort, we packed our bags and drove to Susanville, California where Ammon's family is from. There, we celebrated Christmas a few days early.
Here are some pictures: 

Woke up to this Christmas day

Eveylyn with her stocking

 Santa brings exotic fruits to the Lott house

My man looks good with a little scruff

My stocking. No touchy.

Rise and shine Caleb

 Isaac helping out with the fire

Mom making breakfast

Nephi sneaking through his stocking

Merry Christmas Taz!

This one is self-explanatory

Issac opening his fort-kit I made him

The coolest socks ever!

Ammon playing with his new dinosaur toy that Evelyn gave him

Mood mustaches. This one is "happy"

Eveylyn holding the cat hostage. haha.

This is my "I just survived a snowball fight" face

One of the chickens got loose

The power was out all Sunday night. No worries, we just kept playing monopoly and ate dinner by candle light. Thank goodness we had our blankets and a fire to keep us warm.

Early Monday morning (Christmas Eve), Ammon and I packed our bags once again, this time to head back to Utah. While waiting at the Reno airport, I finally got to do something I've always wanted to do... gamble.

This is me about to put in my dollar.

Pulling the lever

And I won seventy-five cents! 


Ammon bet a total of 5 dollars

And left with nothing...Haha. 

Nephi was also with us. He walked with 50 cents worth of profit. I pride myself in walking with the most profit, even if it just 75 cents. 

After a turbulence-filled flight back to Utah, my mom picked us up from the SLC airport. Ammon and I then got to spend the next few days with my family. Those pictures will be in my next blog post, so stay tuned!

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