Saturday, December 15, 2012

gingerbreadless graham cracker houses

I am done! My last final was on Thursday. As I was walking to my apartment from the bus stop, feelings of accomplishment, joy, and a little bit of angst swarmed in my head. I had done it.I had finished my first semester in the Elementary Education program! Now I'm just waiting to find out my final grades. (That's where the angst comes in).

The rest of the day was filled with Christmas music, Spongebob episodes, and gingerbread house making.

WARNING: Photo overload!


 Ammon's house

Matt had the idea to put Ammon's house on top of Mark's tower. Of course we all jumped out of our seats in amazement. The best part is that when it fell, Ammon's house survived.

 My house

 Nephi's house

Becca came a little late and so she worked with what she had.
I think she said this was an Indian reservation, but I think it looks like a prison. :)

Rachelle's house. 

I can't think of a better ending photo for our gingerbread making evening.

The next day we went Christmas shopping at Walmart. It was really foggy and cold. 

Here's me waiting for our dumb bus that was running 10 minutes late. The bus driver must have been new to the route because he was holding a map in front of him while he was driving the whole time! We were relieved when we finally got off the bus.

That night we went and saw the Hobbit with my family and Ammon's friend Doug. 
And because I forgot to take pictures at the theater, I figured I would just take a picture of my ticket. 
But I think ticket pictures are kind of boring, so I improvised.
 I mean, which one is more exciting, this one:

or this one:
I think this one's a keeper for sure. 


  1. Last photo is pretty much the bomb! Your houses are the bomb and yeah, just looks like you had a blast these last couple days :)

  2. OK, so maybe it was a prison. I really have no idea! I was just letting the creativity flow out of me, and I guess it flowed out in prison form ;) Cody enjoyed eating all of the "prisoners" as soon as I got home. Thanks for a great gingerbreadless party!


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