Monday, June 27, 2016


Guys. I love being a mom! There are so many reasons I love it, but one of the biggest reasons is the vicarious excitement I get watching my daughter as she grows up.

I don't know about all you other grown-up folks that are reading this, but for me, one of the hardest parts about growing up has been doing all the things I did when I was a kid and not feeling as excited. I'm talking about those moments where you get super stoked to be somewhere or do something because you loved it when you were a kid, and then when you arrive at that place or that moment of doing it again... it just feels kind of... meh. From watching Mary-Kate and Ashley to waking up on Christmas morning, things just don't feel nearly as exciting as they did when puberty hadn't come yet and when wearing princess underwear was the bomb. com. (Or when saying the bomb. com made you super cool.) But there is a way to feel excited again! I'm talking unadulterated euphoria, not the pseudo-happiness people seek from substance abuse. The solution, my friends, is being a parent. And if you can't be a parent, (my heart aches for you), then the solution would be taking care of a child that you care about deeply.

For me, watching a tiny human, that I love (AKA Lily), experience the unadulterated euphoria I spoke of, is SO rewarding. It is through those moments that I vicariously get to be a kid again! And I love it.

Last Friday Ammon and I took Lily, who is now 14 months old, to the aquarium. My favorite part? Watching Lily, of course! I absolutely loved her enthusiasm and excitement as she exclaimed, "wow!" over and over again. The camera, of course, loved her. (That's code for: Brace yourself because I couldn't help myself and took a lot of pictures and videos. And yes, I'm posting all of them.)

Looking through the shark tunnel

Ammon hated these creepy sea wormy things

I kind of liked them. :)

Lily loved splashing in the water

These dopey fish are my favorite! Just look at that face!


Lily loves hugging soft things-especially stuffed animals!

Thank you for having us! It was worth the whopping $30 we spent to come! 


  1. Wow, wow, wow! Ah, so cute! Like how you wrote this. It's so true! Love, Mom

  2. The show I watched last night about a baby's development during the first two years was aesome. Even before they start verbalizing they have the capacity to speak any language. They use only a third of their vocal capabilities. So much more going on in those little heads than I ever thought. I am going to ty to find taht progam for you. Grandpa Skip used to ask me all the time about Laura, "What is she thinking of dreaming about." Maybe I could answer him now! For Lily it must be so wonderful observing the world for the "first" time! I vicariously live through you, also. Thanks.


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