Thursday, April 6, 2017

maternity photo shoot #2

Last time my little family had a photo shoot, it was July. Bad idea. It was so incredibly hot that Lily was NOT having it. (Neither was I. If I could have gotten away with crying, I totally would have too!) Luckily the pictures still turned out amazing and all was well. This time around it was spring so it could have gone either way. Well, as fate would have it, the weather wasn't very cooperative. It was so chilly and windy that Lily was once again, NOT having it. I think I'm cursed when it comes to the weather and getting my picture taken. Luckily, our amazing photographer, Shelby Ellet, who is also one of my very good friends, was still able to capture some adorable pictures of me with my little family. And then when it was just me and her... oh man! She made me look like a model! I'm 100% sure these pictures of me should be in a magazine. Her pictures make being pregnant look absolutely stunning. (Which is saying a lot because when you're 8.25 months pregnant, "stunning" is not at all how you feel!) I mean, just look at the following picture!

I love this picture SO much! It's so pretty!!
37 weeks preggo
Dress via
Okay, now I'm going to post some of my favorites with Ammon, Lily, and I. 

How cute is this picture!? That face!! 

Telling baby brother some secrets

And now here are the ones of just me. For these pictures, it was not getting any warmer. So if my face looks cold, that's because it WAS cold. But Shelby is magical and they turned out amazing!

Is this picture not the most classy pregnant picture you've ever seen!?
 I got the idea from Pinterest and Shelby nailed it! 

My feet were frozen for hours after this photo shoot. Crawling into bed and warming them on Ammon didn't even help. But it was TOTALLY worth it! I will cherish these pictures for the rest of my life!

If you live in Utah county and are looking for a very talented and fun photographer, Shelby is your girl! She's working on her portfolio right now so pricing is very competitive and will increase as she becomes more seasoned. 

Contact her for a price quote and with any questions. 
Her email is
You can also find her on instagram at: shelbyellettphotography


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